Glow by Jennifer Lopez – Women’s Perfume

Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Glow by JLo

The signature scent of dazzling star Jennifer Lopez, Glow by JLo truly lives up to its name. This fragrance is bright and fun, presenting no false airs or pretention but letting its juicy notes shine through. With this scent you will feel touched by the sun and filled with confidence as a blend of sweet vanilla and orange flower is brightened by pink grapefruit. The resulting combination is decidedly feminie but not fussy or old-fashioned. Truly embracing the sensation of Glow is layering the scent for a lasting, encompassing fragrance. Perk up your shower with the sudsy fragranced shower gel then smooth out your skin with the silky body lotion. Finish with a spritz of shimmering body spray or Eau de Toilette and truly Glow.