White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor – Women’s Perfume

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor - Women's Perfume

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

There is simply nothing like White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. Despite being fifteen years old, the scent is far from outdated. It is classically elegant, and intriguingly beautiful. The haunting fragrance combines exotic floral notes of Amazon lily and Egyptian tuberose with rich amber and musky patchouli to create an unforgettable scent experience. The woman that can carry White Diamonds is one that wants to make herself known without being overpowering. She is a strong, feminine woman with just the softest hint of sexuality. To layer your White Diamonds experience luxuriate in deeply moisturizing scented body cream and then mist yourself with the Eau de Parfum spray. For light moisture and enhancement of scent, try the silkier fragranced body lotion as well.